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Question   Arbor Crest Winery Art Show
Hi Eric, I had to "battle" it out with another lady to purchase the last photoart print of Arbor Crest and its swimming pool. Gorgeous! Lucky for her and you, you had another one on canvas. I am in looove with it and thinking of purchasing a second print, this time of Pike Street Market. I am new to the Spokane area and have been searching for some sort of local art/painting/print of Spokane or a landmark to display and at last- here it is, better than I'd imagined! Thank you and keep it up... I hope to see more of the Spokane/Seattle areas!! The view behind the carousel in downtown Spokane is a favorite of mine :) Sarah

- Sarah DeMar August 22, 2012

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Question   I love all your photographs!
Eric, I first saw your amazing booth in May of 2009 at the Kalispell Mall art show. I purchased the Glacier Park sunrise with wild flowers that took you I believe you said 7 years to capture that perfect sunrise. Have since purchased a few more pictures from you, and for gifts to those I dearly love. I am very impressed that you personally took a picture I purchased for my Stepmom, and delivered it to her home in Kalispell as a courtesy since I live in Helena. I hope to cover all my walls in my new home with your magnificent art! Your pictures make the best gifts for every occasion. Look forward to making my next purchase soon! Thank You Eric! Please keep creating masterpieces, with your genuine & unique talent! Bless You! Renae Goltz.

- Renae Goltz-Jones February 23, 2012

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Question   Beautiful Work
I absolutely love your work! God has given you an amazing talent.

- Fallon Buell May 15, 2010

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Question   ERIC'S WORK
Eric I am so in love with your work. You are so talented. It's been over a week since I met you at the Kalispell Mall. Today was the first chance I had to visit your web site. Your understanding of ambient light is breathtaking. I have chosen at least a half dozen "paintings," that I can't live without. When I came upon "golden bliss," I was awestruck all over again.

I will call you early next month to arrange to pay you. Aunt Carla has excellent taste. I'm forwarding your web site to everyone who I know. They are all starving srtists but there is always hope. Judy

- Judy Stevenson January 08, 2010

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Question   comments
Eric, you have not had a comment in awhile so I am taking on the big responsibility of getting it started again. I just want to tell you that I am very proud of you!! Your work is really beautiful and you are very very talented. I have been talking you up for awhile and have friends interested in buying from you. I hope that they do and not just talk about it!!!

- Aunt Carla...:) September 04, 2009

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Question   Your work
Hi Eric!
Rebecca York here - the mosaic artist from the Missoula after T-day show. Just want you to know how much we love our pieces. You are an amazing artist!
Thanks so much!

- Rebecca York December 21, 2008

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Question   Comment-
I am looking forward to your displaying your art at the Boulder, Montana Music & Art Festival on September 13, 2008 ! The only thing I can say after viewing your online work is WOW ! and lucky Us !-

- Colleen Teeling September 08, 2008

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Question   The Buffalo and baby
We love our Picture!!

- jay stacy July 22, 2008

  Answer Thanks Jay,

- Eric Reese  July 22, 2008

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Question   starting my own business
Hi Reese I'm just a housewife that loves to take pictures. People that have seen them say I should do something with them. The Lord has given me a way to see things different and ...I can't explain it.I purchased 3 of your note cards at the art and air show in Albany Or.and felt something amazing when I looked at them.How did you get started? Do you think everyone has to just start small and keep at it? I know it started as a hobby for you. By the way where do you purchase your cellophane sleeves?Thank you for listening.I wonder if I could have you're opinion on my picts someday. In HIM ,kelly

- Kelly Leggett April 10, 2008

  Answer Kelly: Please don't refer to yourself as "just a housewife." It's a very meaningful and important calling. Just saying, no insult intended, Judy

- Judy Stevenson  January 08, 2010

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Question   Impressive
Your momma told me about your website so I had to look. Your photos are awe-inspiring.

-  October 04, 2007

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Question   Your Art
Erick, most impressive work. Way back when I first met you I knew that you had those creative juices floating around in you. I’m glad to hear you stuck with your art for all these years.

Linda and I plan on coming up to visit you and the family soon.

Bob and Linda Peragallo
Vancouver, BC Canada

-  July 31, 2007

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Question   Absolutely breathtaking photos
Eric, I am so mesmerized by your photographs. I was aware you had talent,but my goodness!!! This goes way beyond natural ability. It dips into supernatural giftedness. The public will not only be wowed by these photos,their very soul will be touched by the spirit of GOD!!!! Bravo,Corrie

-  June 06, 2007

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