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Question   Your Art
Erick, most impressive work. Way back when I first met you I knew that you had those creative juices floating around in you. I’m glad to hear you stuck with your art for all these years.

Linda and I plan on coming up to visit you and the family soon.

Bob and Linda Peragallo
Vancouver, BC Canada

- Bob Peragallo 7/31/2007 10:14:26 PM

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Question   Absolutely breathtaking photos
Eric, I am so mesmerized by your photographs. I was aware you had talent,but my goodness!!! This goes way beyond natural ability. It dips into supernatural giftedness. The public will not only be wowed by these photos,their very soul will be touched by the spirit of GOD!!!! Bravo,Corrie

- Corrie Dozier 6/6/2007 10:03:22 AM

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